medianet_height = "600"; gcse.async = true; Size: Up to 2¼" (6 cm) Tank: 24 inches : Strata: Bottom-middle: PH: 6.7-8.2: Hardness: Hard and alkaline. Suitable tank care has to be regular, although the sort of filtration isn’t too significant. flying foxes and false siamese algae eaters are more common and will eat hair/bush algae. Best Choice Algae Eating Fish for Aquarium: American Flagfish – Rarely seen the American Flagfish is a brilliant and the best algae eaters plus among the more easy Killifish to maintain at home. Algae eater, also called an algivore, is a common name for many bottom-dwelling or algae-eating species that feed on algae. Provide high-quality flakes and live or frozen food like brine shrimp, blackworms, brine shrimp, daphnia, and bloodworms. A 20 gallon aquarium would be the minimum. Hopefully, the information on Best Choice Algae Eating Fish for Aquarium: American Flagfish this can be useful for you especially in terms of addressing the pesky algae. American Flag Fish are a tropical Florida native and are rarely found in pet stores. On his body that is squared off he’s rows of horizontal stripes that are red. They need to be in an aquarium that has high oxygen levels and a bit of a current, not to mention pristine water-quality. Occasional feedings of frozen foods are also enjoyed by these fish. yeah, ottos are fine. October 14, 2018 at 3:21 pm . Otocinclus are tiny South American algae eating catfish. The tail is normally clear. To show the colors off greatest the tanks’ substrate nicely lit with a few open areas for swimming and needs to be dark in color, heavily planted. The Otocinclus affinis, also known as Otocinclus catfish or simply Oto cat is a small south American fish native to Brazil where it can be found in heavily vegetated streams and rivers. It is the best algae eater for Black Beard, Green Hair, and Staghorn algae. They’re going to graze on many sorts of algae but might sometimes nip other plants. In the wild they feed on insects as well as algae so it is important to offer both meaty and plant based foods. List: $ 9.99 $ 7.99 $ 6.88 Add to cart; Algae Eating Bluefin Killifish Male $ 3.99 Read more; Algae Eating Chinese High Fin Banded Shark / Batfish. Livebearers including Black Mollies, Fancy Guppies, Platys, and swordtails eat string algae and sometimes white beard algae. Though it can be faded out in some instances, a black spot exists on the side of the majority of men. However, out of all the algae-eating fish discussed in this article, this particular species requires the most care. Wild American flagfish are omnivores, and they eat algae, crustaceans, algae, plant matter, and insects. Some species like Siamese Algae Eaters, American Flag Fish and Amano Shrimp are champion algae eaters and can make a significant dent in a problem tank. 0 5. The Siamese algae eater, Crossocheilus siamensis, is a more gregarious and tolerant cyprinid that ranges up to 15 cm. There are many algae-eating fish like the Chinese algae eater, Siamese algae eater, American-flag fish, and catfish of South America (like Otocinclus and Plecostomus species), bristlenose catfish and some freshwater shrimp like Amano shrimp. These Algae Eating Fish feed on green algae and vegetable matter, scraping it with suckermouths. A good algae eating fish for larger aquariums is the Bristlenose Pleco. American-Flag Fish Flag Fish Native range: Florida; Lake Monroe; St. Johns River; Ochlocknee River ; Habitat: In the wild, it is found in brackish and freshwater marshes, ponds and canals and irrigation ditches in the Florida peninsula. One of the most interesting of the fish used for algae eating is a native of North America. Ancistrus grow to a max size of about 5 inches for the males and 4 inches for the females. This should be supplemented with some flake food. This species requires plenty of meaty foods as well as foods with high plant (preferably algae-based) content, especially if there is not plenty of algae growing in the aquarium. Consuming brown, black beard algae, green thread algae, hair/string algae, and blanketweed algae, the adult American Flag fish algae eater is a must-have fish for those with an abundance of algae in their tanks. Eggs attached to algae or alternative surfaces in the form of little filaments and are discharged singly or in small batches, once they’re deposited and there’s absolutely no added care from male or female. Best Choice Algae Eating Fish for Aquarium: American Flagfish – Rarely seen the American Flagfish is a brilliant and the best algae eaters plus among the more easy Killifish to maintain at home. Not only are they hardy and beautiful to look at, they are also relentless in their cleaning abilities. RinaLane Fish Fanatic. I had some string algae in a small pond with koi and goldfish in it. © 2021 Arizona Aquatic Gardens. The men are amazing and both are incredibly tolerant and robust of water conditions that are diverse. MOD_Dawn , Feb 28, 2009 Contrary to a lot of reports, including quite a few scientific papers, this species will not dig pits or show extensive parental attention and breeds in exactly the same fashion as other cyprinodontids. Re: American Flag Fish Nah, I have the siamese algaes and though they like other food too...they are superb at munching the algae off the plant leaves. No matter how big your tank is, algae alone won’t cut it as a full diet. Why I love them. The males are beautiful and both are rugged and extremely tolerant of varied water conditions Quick stats: Listed tank sizes are the minimum .