After her latest skin and a variety of small buffs, Tenebria has made a resurgence with high ranked players in Arena Offense and RTA both as an off DPS and as a full tanky debuffer. I also thought of it even more once they stated in the recent patch notes that there would be a Specter Tenebria skin as an RTA reward for it's first season. Being able to soulburn your units on turn 1 gives a massive advantage. 신고. Epic Seven Artifact Tier List by ToFat4Fun This document is based on the state of the game at 17/06/2020 and from the point of view of a Champion RTA and Arena player. Rating 5.00 star(s) #1. 87.6k members in the EpicSeven community. 6 1 댓글달기. Country US/Canada Multiple Accounts 1. The Epic Seven Board Game is almost here! ... Epic Seven Illustration Contest’ will have their art used as the Epic Seven Title Screen. Epic Seven Twitch Livestream Patch Notes Preview Information . Midfinger. What makes it special is that it has its name change available — these are almost impossible to find. Thread starter Yuutsu; Start date Oct 26, 2020; Mobile OS Android Region Global Type End Game Y. Yuutsu Member. Strong Turn Cycling. Strengths. Briar Witch Iseria. Unverified Member. Video. Classement Epic Seven en fonction de la polyvalence des unités. Today, we’ve got a big update, featuring the winner of the Epic 7 Pixiv contest – the lovely Fairytale Tenebria – a new [12/24] New Side Story, Fairytale Tenebria, and New EE! Side Story – Rise of The Great Mortelix. World Arena Showdown Season will be closing soon! Some heroes are good for PvE, while others are good for PvP but each hero overall rating is calculated based on their performance from all categories mentioned above. Therefore, with the 7/23 update, we plan to resolve this issue so that the voice is heard in the media pack language that you have set previously, rather than the regular Specter Tenebria voices without Skins applied. Midfinger. UP. She would be a good pick if enemy doesn't bring AoE attackers. Sale! 신고. 신고; ImnotMercer[STOVE95555362] 작성글 보기; 타임라인 보기; 2020.11.25 10:52 (UTC+0) Finally! But is she just s discount Tenebria? Epic Seven [ID0321][Europe Server] Mid game account with Full Summer + 4 Moonlight $ 150.00 $ 130.00. The World Arena Showdown Season will conclude on 7/9 (Thu) at 02:59 UTC. Discussion in 'Epic Seven 7 Epic7 Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by BlBj5, 10/29/20. Add to wishlist . I have both versions, Specter is awesome for raids because of poison and while I like base Tenebria she doesn't have stun like DMPH does. Forgot your Password? epic7 art contest. Oct 26, 2020. This allows her to use her "friends" as meatshields while she charges up her devastating assault. Most popular Most recent. epic seven specter tenebria skin. Along with the new hero comes his own new side story, Rise of The Great Mortelix. Filter by post type. Specter Tenebria. 8 0 0. Showdown Frame II. 5 Comments. I already have basar and sez skins from other epic passes that I still can't use. Destina. Love all the new stuff especially ui changes. Hey guys, I have a pretty rare endgame account on global that has the RTA skin for ML Tenebria, and all of the collab + limited units. Epic Seven's biggest heel and smarmiest hero, Enott has a few things going for him (although nobody's going to put his sparkling personality at the top of the list). Member. They mentioned it would take around 6 months to a year (starting from release date) before RTA skins get released to shop. Just-Bi-You. 0 0 0. 1000 Conquest Points. 212 Favourites. 1.9k votes, 52 comments. Can cleanse well. 2 Comments. Nous pouvons dors et déjà supposer qu’un des personnages sur cette image sera probablement le skin d’été. Can do well in burn teams, but also gets screwed by the water meta. I've been playing since day 1 … Heirs, in one month you w ... [Epic Seven] Obtain Specter Tenebria's Epic Skin. Super Tank Rumble . Home Forums > Main Marketplaces > Epic Seven 7 Accounts - Buy Sell Trade > Epic Seven 7 Epic7 Accounts - Buy Sell Trade > Selling Global GLOBAL ENDGAME - 10 UNIQUE ML5 - ALL LIMITED - RTA SKIN. Offline. Photo. 신고; LenXca. I heard that too. Soul Burn: Grants an extra turn. 1500 Conquest Points. Silver. 2000 Conquest Points. Audio. This book can be held by any mage and is most commonly used by Aux Lots cleave comps or Challenger Dominiel comps. - Nixied’s Sanctum, Zone 5! A cursed weapon created by the fallen priest, Sestia. 0 댓글달기. Unfollow. 2. Selling [Global] Endgame - 10 Unique ML5* - All Limited - RTA Skin. Cela exclurait a priori Yufine qui serait un trop beau cadeau, puisque héros 5★. Epic Seven [ID0320][Europe Server] Specter Tenebria Skin Account with multiple top tier Moonlgiht characters with a high devotions for uses $ 320.00. Placement in progress (Played more than once)--[Specter Tenebria… Bronze. It causes a mental breakdown in the target by reminding them of their most painful memories. My one concern is skins being rewards for world arena. All Landy's SIMPs will stop crying. Join the world's largest art community and get personalized art recommendations. Follow. UP. specter tenebria < > Most recent. The World Arena Showdown Season will conclude on 7/9 (Thu) at 02:59 UTC. 185 Favourites. 1. Quick View. With Death Comes Power. Showdown Frame III . 12 Comments. Fairytale Tenebria is an Ice elemental Mage who is capable of inflicting the new debuff “redirected provoke.” Victims inflicted with redirected provoke are forced to use their basic skill to attack the enemy with the highest max Health at the start of their turn. Specter Tenebria can also decimate teams by repeatedly spamming S1 with soulburn. "That's rough, buddy." All posts. Ask. Quick View. aka Epic7 - Korean mobile RPG developed by Super Creative, and published by … Usually I pick Specter Tenebria but the Dizzy made me think twice since she isn't on immunity and if A.Lots got banned she'd likely be debuffed before acting.