It said it would be delivered the following Wednesday (June 15). I ordered some clothes online from Banana Rebuplic that were (likely) stolen from my porch and they basically told me it was my responsibility to have a secure location for my packages and they do not issue replacements or refunds in that situation. Even if you do end up finding the package or … I’m assuming most packages are the responsibility of the shipper / shipping company for most of the shipping process, but at what point does the liability fall to the ultimate recipient of the package? Indeed, porch pirates have struck again, and this time, it was your house. Either replace in full or refund in full. He said he had to confirm his shipping department has shipped it and will later mark it as shipped and put the tracking number . You didn't. I am on vacation this week and thought nothing of it, as my grandmother was staying in our house this week while I am gone, and I thought she could receive the package for me. Thrill-Seeker Sep 25, 2015 7:54:48 PM. Unfortunately, thieves - sometimes called ‘porch pirates’ - are out again to snatch those packages up. Start with Tracking Your Package; If you think your package has been stolen, the very first thing you can do is to check your order confirmation email for the tracking details. 3,654 Views Message 1 of 27 0 Helpful « Previous; 1; 2; Next » 26 REPLIES 26. CNBC reported that last year porch pirates affected over 1/3 of Americans, with the majority of stolen packages occurring during the holiday season. As we approach prime package theft season, I was hoping someone could provide me information on who is legally liable for stolen packages? Lost/stolen package- who is responsible?? Don’t want to experience holiday headaches? So a week or two ago I ordered a computer monitor from the Walmart website. But perhaps you’re more asking “does the vendor have to replace it?” Generally, no unless you gave “don’t leave” instructions that they failed to follow. And you are going to want some compensation. A frightened porch thief, surprised by an exploding booby trap package and hampered by his pants hanging low, makes a misstep and falls before scurrying off to … A spokesperson for one of the carriers compared leaving packages unattended to leaving a wallet in an unlocked car. I called Apple and they are sending out a replacement but I was curious if there is anyway it can be tracked so I can find whoever stole it or who they may sell it to? Possible stolen package, delivered by FedEx. Its in such an obvious place everyone that comes looks at it and knows they are being filmed. Delivery companies say they're not responsible for reimbursement if the package was successfully delivered to the correct house. On Dec. … Next day she sends me this message: “The postal carrier just brought by the empty envelope that used to contain the item. If you’re an online shopper, there are a few things you can do to prevent packages from being stolen. Almost 26 million packages were stolen in 2017.¹. How to Prevent Porch Pirates from Stealing Your Packages. Sometimes, however, packages that a carrier claims to have delivered are nowhere to be found - often the result of "porch pirates" who, sadly, are especially active during this time of year. With one single package potentially containing hundreds of dollars worth of goods, package thieves, or “porch pirates,” see an Amazon box as a ripe opportunity to steal. We'll go over some tips on how to avoid having your packages stolen, and what to do if porch pirates steal one of your packages. I installed a nestcam above my porch for this very reason. Re: Who should be responsible for my stolen package Options. Hi Peter: Amazon covers most stolen packages through its “A-to-Z” Guarantee Protection. Get a P.O. What you can do if a package is stolen from your porch. Tips to Avoid Package Theft. If it has been delayed or lost in transit, you’re dealing with a different situation than if a porch pirate has actually made off with your package. Is that Etsy's policy that it is my responsibility to get it to the buyer or are you saying it's just "good practice?" I … Whether it was a gift for your child, or something valuable sent from someone you care about -- you are going to be mad. That’s why we created The Package Guard Guide to a Lost or Stolen USPS Package. More than one-third (36%) have been a victim of package theft. Box at Your Local Post Office You can obtain a P.O. However, there are … More U.S. consumers are shopping online than ever before. Sign-up for this newsletter to get breaking news alerts sent right to your inbox and to get a heads-up on some of the highlights coming-up on the radio station. My iPad was stolen off my front porch today after it was delivered. “We’re are all like looking at the footage, like she actually stole the [package]. MENTOR, Ohio — A porch pirate allegedly responsible for taking multiple packages from residences in Lake County was arrested last week. But you don’t have to be helpless when porch pirates strike. Posted by 11 months ago. Box at your local post office. Highlighted. I haven't heard from management and there has been nothing posted. Here's who to call if your packages are stolen from your porch, and how to prevent in the first place. The buyer should not be out any $ as a result. There is a dramatic increase in packages delivered to homes around the holidays thanks to the explosive rise of online retailers such as Amazon. Close. 1. Who should be responsible for my stolen package socalboomer50. Sean Stoops, chief of police of the Avon Police Department, said that since Nov. 1, there's only been one official instance of a homeowner who had a package stolen from the porch… Here's who to call if your packages are stolen from your porch, and how to prevent in the first place. Priority has $100 default insurance if you shipped via Etsy labels. A Birmingham resident reported to Birmingham police on Friday, November 20, that a package delivered to her home on Thursday, November 12, had been stolen from off her porch. Package stolen, who is responsible. Every week we hear about thieves stealing packages off front porches in the middle of the day. Of those, 44% have had a package stolen at least twice. 1. Good Question. So they believe someone stole it now I'm paying for merchandise I don't have company says thers nothing they can do because it was deleverd except to offer me the product for the same price I already paid . Follow these tips to make it nearly impossible for a thief to steal your packages. what do you do if someone steals your package off porch and the only thing the post office does is tell you it was deleivered to my address . " Unfortunately, I think it was stolen from the porch. If your eBay package is long overdue and you suspect foul play, the first thing you should do is to make sure that it actually was stolen. Can you look to the delivery company for a little payback? It was stolen off my porch within minutes by someone following the truck around. I notified management and asked them to, at the very least, post a notice to all residents. Package with boots inside stolen from porch. Generally, you will get an email with a tracking number that you can utilize to track your package shipping status. I was a sender of a package that was stolen off from a porch, but I was told my responsibility ends when I mail it, then USPS is responsible until it is delivered. I bought an item and it was stolen from my porch. Package stolen, who is responsible. Two of our neighbors also had packages disappear. CJAD 800 - Breaking News Alert / What’s On; Be the first to know! The process for replacing those items and recouping some loss also sucks. We try to make navigating the system a little […] If you haven’t had a package stolen from your porch and you aren’t protecting yourself the number suggest you could be next. Unsure what to do . Archived. The thief ultimately. Your package was stolen! How to stop porch pirates from stealing your holiday packages The holiday season brings the highest risk of having a package stolen from your doorstep. If a Package is Taken From Your Porch, Who is Responsible? The seller didn't mark it as shipped so i messaged him asking about it . These online retailers often deliver packages to homes when the residents are at work. Package Guard Guide to a Lost or Stolen USPS Package Losing a package sucks! I did have to file a police report in order for them to proceed. In fact, prevention is a lot better than trying to recover a package after the theft. A couple of finds have said that they will be able to turn it on and use it as long as they don’t turn on find my iPhone. SOURCES: Amazon spokesperson. Most delivery people will hold up the package to the camera before putting it down since they know. I have contacted the police. " Ultimately, you are responsible to get the item to the buyer. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, e-commerce sales grew nine times faster than traditional in-store sales between 1998 and 2017, and that rate of growth continues.. Making purchases online may be the new normal, but having packages stolen from your porch should not be. If you live in a bad neighborhood, you should either have a secure place for mail, rent a box, a doorbell or be waiting for the mail if you are expecting a package. UPS had decided to go ahead and deliver packages with no signatures because the region was having snowstorms and they were behind on deliveries. Costco reimbursed us immediately and they settled up with UPS. So who is responsible if gifts are stolen off your doorstep? A stolen package at Christmas time is a terrible thing. I bought . But let’s face it—most of the time if you’re searching for a missing package it’s because someone swiped it from your doorstep.. Asked her to please let me know if she heard back any further information. Sometimes packages get lost. And while it’s no consolation, you are not alone. I live in Chicago and I've had 4 packages stolen from the mail area of my apartment building. I can see when packages get delivered live and if stolen I see it also. The criminals who steal these packages are referred to as “porch pirates.” Shorr Packaging Corp surveyed 1,000 consumers and found that 31% have had a package stolen… While it was USPS's error, your safeguard was to fully insure a $200 order against loss.