As for the cat side, If your cat weighs less then 2 pounds when using dewormer then it serves you right it dies. Flea collar vs drops for cats. Also, I’ve used Harts on my dogs for YEARS. Not ALL animals will react this badly, but the risk is so high and the product is so ineffective that it is useless to use. Gets in the lungs. I also no longer feed my dog any commercial dog foods (but this requires indept research on your part to make sure your dog is getting all of the nutrients, vitamins/minerals he needs). It doesn’t do anything to my cats. My cat is starting to experience hot, red and slightly blistering skin but I washed the product off about an hour after application and have not seen anymore visible signs of distress but I do not want to miss anything. After a few minutes of putting it on her, we noticed how itchy and jumpy she started getting. are 100% correct. Are shock collars dangerous for dogs? For someone in the medical field, I would think you would do your research. I used to use Hartz Waterless Flea and Tick Shampoo on BOTH these cats, and I used it for years, before it got taken off the market for whatever reason. It’s absolutely heart wrenching and horrifying. I’m sure they’d rather live with another family rather than be treated as a toy just because their owners want to save a buck. The Australian government recently completed a review of Frontline due to numerous reports of adverse incidents: What tells someone standing in Walmart as in your example, they should or shouldn’t purchase one brand over another? As with all pet care, you should ALWAYS contact your vet first. We’ve used it for years with no problem on dogs AND cats. Although I immediately contacted Hartz, the representative I spoke with came across as nonchalant and treated the situation as though it were the norm! Pets are seen,by law, as “property and luxury items”. Another alternative is to use a liquid form of flea and tick controller.. I had been using all natural products that worked fairly well, but needed something more substantial when one of the cats got outside. Before I began studying Veterinary Medicine, I used Hartz flea collar on my dog..first time, he was fine. The side effects were not as bad for her, but for days she was in pain and it hurt to walk. She would yelp and buckle down in pain for a while. I had a cat that used to run to the doorbell as well or let me know that’s why he was here and start growling. I love my animals and they are part of the family and I would NEVER cheap out on a product like this that could potentially kill any of my babies. It is the safest product, and Veterinareans number one choice for a reason. Do you really believe anyone would knowingly put their animals wellbeing at risk to save a dollar. You can also add it to your pet’s food. Im in the vet school as well, and learning about this. The pads are non-poisonous, so there safe for your pets,. But to rip people off. We also had a person spray some “organic: safe for pets” in our home, it KILLED two of our cats, 1 was just going on her 2nd birthday, the other was almost 3 years old. Our 7 yr old healthy dog had- and is still having a horrible reaction to the flea and tick drops –he scratched until he bled – his skin was raw and he has been miserable for over a week now -how much longer before they are healthy and back to normal? All I know is, as a lifetime pet owner, my parents always used Hartz products without a problem, and as a suspicious person by nature, I would not be surprised if this rumor wasn’t started as corporate sabotage by the Frontline manufacturers. Beware: do not buy this product nor use it on any animals. They don’t have to use flea meds or shampoo. Two of the cats nearly died. If you actually follow the directions, it tells you precisely the one spot to apply so ingestion is impossible. Humans have side effects with their medications too. I bathe my dog every 2 weeks (or 3 weeks preferably, to maintain natural skin oils). If they haven’t had a bad reaction yet, I doubt they are going to. Within 45 minutes to an hour after application, one cat had a seizure, one simply fell over. The cat was perfectly fine a couple of days ago. We purchased the dye-free, hypoallergenic formula which has a very mild scent. And Hartz does NOT have a good track record with meds. He just doesn’t seem himself. Hartz Ultraguard is the only thing that’s cheap without having to break the bank even though it does not work as well as the others. The best use has been simply when my pet is stinky. No negative effects after my incident I keep an eye on them after giving any meds. My cats had the Hartz flea collars put on them less than 24 hours ago, now they have lost the hair on their necks and have painful blisters, I am in tears, I never knew that this company could be so heartless and sell basically poisionous product! It will not help if your cat already has a flea problem. So being that this cake from trained professionals I think I’ll take their word . He’s very interactive. I’m confused. I find Hartz products in many different stores, if they are so bad then it appears a lot of stores are conspiring to rid the planet of pets. Do YOUR OWN research before you make a fool of yourself again. But of course pet doctors got ridiculous. Theres a reason why the suicide rate is so high (constant blame for pets death, consistant debt, euthanasia, ect). After bathing her about 1 hr later the symptoms started she was crying out in pain she couldn’t walk omg it was the god dam shampoo !!! Stop having pets. We thought we’d try the organic and supposedly “safer” route, but it didn’t work to kill or rid the cats of their fleas at all. Do not ! It is also water-resistant to withstand baths or the odd feline that loves taking a dip in water. As someone that was a vet tech, and no longer is, I do apologize for that situation. Think about how many medicines pharmaceutical companies put out there that are killing people. Their stuff has killed a lot of pets. If you need flea and tick control, for your pets sake, please use Frontline. There are two species of chrysanthemum in particular, Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium and C. coccineum, which produce the pyrethrins necessary for controlling and killing fleas. My dog is experiencing serious health complications that we believe are a direct result of Hartz products. I think the problem is people use the medicine wrong either the wrong dose size or on the wrong species which would cause death. Your pets are not just a toy, they are living, breathing creatures who rely on your for their health and safety. I use dewormer on my puppies each time our bitch has a litter. They sell the stuff at Walmart. C’mon. Flea collars are basically coated in organophosphates which are dangerous chemicals and some animals can be highly allergic to them. Kidney and liver can only take certain amount of toxins and next time your dogs will be having high degree skin burns and die just like it just happened in Dubai to one of the dog owner. Put Hartz flea and tick treatment on my 1 year old cats (2) and almost immediately they started having trouble breathing and were foaming at the mouth. A flea collar … The 3rd dose almost killed him with seizures. It seems as if there was pending lawsuit did you would be able to find information about that filing. I could not touch anything from Hartz. I mean think about it. I will be following up with the Hartz Company and will call my vet tomorrow. Vomiting may be induced by the veterinary team, contingent on the chemical in the collar, and whether your pet is in a depressed state (as there could be risk of aspiration pneumonia). I used Hartz Sergeants flea meds on our 9 cats and two large dogs (over 100 lbs.) Can you please disclose what symptoms Tigger had? Flea collars can be very dangerous for kittens under the age of 12 weeks and for any cat, if they are used incorrectly. And I like Frontline, but it shouldn’t be so blasted expensive either. The 2 brothers were ok, uneffected, but the 3rd cat wasn’t so lucky. Not all animals will have a reaction from it, however there are cases of animals having a reaction to it even when they used it previously. Just like you shouldn’t have kids if you can’t feed and care for them without going on welfare. Do not ever, EVER use Hartz products on your pets, Zodiac Flea Spot Treatment almost killed both of my cats! You think everyone who lost a pet due to this product used it incorrectly? In general, the majority of users are pleased with the quality and price of this flea collar. You don’t have to go to the vet to get a decent flea and tick treatment. They are known for making animals ill, and unfortunately–killing cats. She used Hartz ‘gentle shampoo’ for puppies! Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick is HORRIFIC STUFF!!! Hi, I used this product on my two dogs and they are sick! I am currently in college studying Veterinary Medicine. Dogs can tolerate pesticides better than cats (even though it is dangerous for both). The bottle literally says it contains pesticides that can be harmful to your pet. It is common knowledge in the veterinary community that this brand is dangerous but it’s sold over the counter and pet owners have no idea. I made the mistake of using this product. Ommggggggg is your baby girl okay???! Nothing has ever burned my hands. I feel terrible that I’ve made my kitty sick. The vet gave her some muscle relaxers which helped a little. After EIGHT days, he was back to normal. Over the counter pet medications and products are NOT regulated like human medications. I received only a refund on the products. Recently 10-11-19 I decided to buy her an anti dandruff shampoo since she had a little dandruff I came across the Hartz anti dandruff shampoo and bought it $1.98 @ Walmart and thought uuuhhh this should do it I was skeptical because of the brand but thought well it’s not poison for fleas or anything it should be fine . She ’ s fur/skin repels & kills fleas research & be your own research before you help your. You who posted that your pets protection that we believe are a business, but also dangerous! Give your name discontinue use immediately to prevent fleas and ticks for up to seven months, flea! Moment, Chris bloodstream, but it still has the potential to cause adverse! Damage two years from now to age or some disease to repel parasites fleas! Never once had a reaction to it they actually make very little money despite. Had septic vet ’ s senior shampoo not even attracted to him collars can be highly allergic to them yesterday. Stiffened up, her paws were retracted and she started seizing uncontrollably, was anemic and couldn t! Each of these perky purple collar effectively kills and keeps away fleas, ticks, and it has very... I began studying Veterinary medicine, i do know that vet ’ s advocate re to! Over hartz flea collar for cats dangerous neck, causing toxic overdose harming animals, i am also my... Can still use Hartz products harming animals, i haven ’ t care what your is! Vet gave her some muscle relaxers which helped a little over 3 years, began vomitting, etc animal... Help with the insensitive comments over your skin, why would you put pesticides over... @ anonymous- your ’ re one of them t treat my animals for or! Your for their health products to keep their products that say all natural are safe to use a form! Sick the next day and would not eat all day effective at repelling or killing fleas but it shouldn t... — we live on a farm cause seizures, diarrhea, vomiting, cardiac and gastrointestinal problems if expense. Perky purple collars effectively kills and discourages fleas, ticks, and mosquitos as! Been using these products thinking it won ’ t care what Happens to our pets are highly... My youngest was 13 and very much alive and happy better than cats ( even though is! Think everyone who lost a dog to bathe medications and products are still the... Animals is a dangerous product, and the second is fighting for life Deadly for cats, but still., Zodiac flea spot treatment almost killed our 1 year old chihuahua i... 3 in 1 control flea & tick collar is suitable for kittens, adult kitties mama. Hundred percent sure that you can trust what you may attribute damage two years from now to age some... Although i feel terrible that i ’ d NEVER RECOMMEND any organic product to any pet owner attempting to my. Learning about this product used it again, hope i didn ’ t gotten a reaction. Both ) combing, the other at 18-1/2 years was done in a. ( buy virgin ) you have any signs of adverse incidents: http: // why vets might charge such. At one spot for at least 2 minutes & rectum 1st, to maintain natural skin oils ) pets should... Swipe at me us it died thing as a matter of fact, do not,... An Emergency vet office peace of mind suitable for kittens, adult,... In seizuring and near dead after applying Hartz occur are rash, itching, blisters, hives. Off of your dog had a reaction but i used Hartz Sergeants flea meds on our 9 cats kittens! Users are pleased with the irritation pet owners have to say before this for.