The Marucci AP5 or CU26 model. Pros: Best pop of any bat I've used so far. Pros: Great feel, thick enough handle for those who like thick handles but not too thick that those who like smaller handles will have any dislike for it, nice barrel size, great sweet spot, good weight distribution, thick grains (atleast on the one I bought) other than the one con, great bat great feel. Pros: This is one of the best wood bats I've used. Our batting gloves are made from Cabretta Sheepskin leather for optimal flexibility and comfort. The palm of the batting glove is constructed of premium grade sheepskin leather. C $107.52. Browser Not Supported. Marucci AP5 Albert Pujols 31" Pro Youth Model Maple Wood Bat MYVE2AP5 *2-DAY* Brand New. At this moment, we are sold out of those sizes. Pros: Great pop, great wood, hard to break. GET THIS BAT! The Marucci Albert Pujols Maple Wood Baseball Bat (AP5NB) has a 29/32" handle and the CUTCH22 has a 31/32" handle. The Marucci David Ortiz Maple Wood Baseball Bat (PAPI34) and the Albert Pujols bat are going to be bone rubbed with a cupped end. Adidas Men's TECHFIT Long Sleeve Adult Top. Looks good, feels good. I'm leaning toward the Pujols bat because I hear it has a bigger barrel. Cons: one day it will wear out, de laminate, or break. Cons: Can seem a little top heavy at first but the more you use it that feeling gets normal. Order the official bat grip of Major League Baseball today! Based upon your player's height and weight, we would make a general recommendation of looking at the 33" option of this Marucci Albert Pujols Maple Wood Baseball Bat (AP5NB Adult). ( weight distribution, measurements, etc.). If you have already done this and still cannot find what you're looking for, please give us a call to assist. I like bats that feel light, preferably a -3. The Marucci Albert Pujols Maple Wood Bat: AP5NB Adult is legal In USSSA. The Marucci Bat Company™ bats are 100 percent handmade […] The AP5 has a slightly larger barrel though, around .2" larger than the JB19. I got hit once and intentionally walked the other time. Which bat is more balanced; This AP5 or the CU26? Based on your height and weight, we would recommend getting the Marucci Albert Pujols Maple Wood Baseball Bat: AP5NB Adult in a 31 inch model. It is a very good option in wood for power. Bat Weight (Donut Style) Fits Over The End Of The Bat & Helps Improve Bat Speed, Thumb Pad To Minimize Potential Bat Sting To The Hands, Knob Pad to Provide Bottom Hand Comfort During The Swing, NEW Gator Grip Pine Tar Stick Improves Grip & Ensures An Extended Life Span For Grip, 1.1 MM Lizard Skin Bat Grip To Maximize The Player's Grip, All The Bat Accessories You Need To Take Your Game To The Next Level. Marucci is the number one bat in the pros and has grown to provide top-of-the-line custom wood bats, metal bats and equipment for every player at every level. The dimpled balls, or rubber cage balls, are more dense than regular baseballs and can crack, dent or even break your game bat easier. If you have already done this and still cannot find what you're looking for, please submit your question and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. The Marucci Jose Bautista Maple Wood Baseball Bat (JB19) Adult, Marucci Chase Utley Maple Wood Baseball Bat (CU26B) Adult will have a shorter taper on the barrel and a standard knob. $78. But, you can bet when it breaks I'll likely replace it with another AP5. If so, how long does it last for? The Buster Posey model features a larger 2 5/8" barrel diameter with a 15/16" handle. The Buster Posey model features a larger 2 5/8" barrel diameter with a 15/16" handle. This youth baseball bat is hand crafted using the same quality maple wood used in the adult model wood bats. I'm a contact hitter and I bat 1st or 2nd in the line up for my team. Lastly, our Bat Experts must check on the cost we pay to stock the item from the manufacturer. Which length would you recommend 32 inch or a 33 inch? Pros: Have 4 bats. It has decent pop, but not more than other quality wood bats. it has a thick barrel and is thin towards the handle so if you get jammed it will break but its the best maple bat i have owned by far. If you see an item listed at a lower price elsewhere, this is all we require: We must verify that the website you want to price match is legitimate and an authorized dealer of the products they sell. The ball had a new zip code after I hit it. The barrel diameter that is the biggest in the Marucci Maple wood Series would be the Marucci David Ortiz Ash Wood Bat: DO34 Adult and the Marucci Sean Casey Maple Wood Bat: SC21. The barrel on the Marucci Albert Pujols Maple Wood Bat: AP5NB Adult and the JB1 Sam Bat will be almost identical. The Marucci Albert Pujols Maple Wood Baseball Bat (AP5NB) Adult and the DeMarini Pro Maple Composite Wood Baseball Bat (DX110) Adult both have a balanced swing weight. Marucci Pro Model AP5 Albert Pujols Maple Wood Baseball Bat (3) Now $ 149 95. To maximize your performance are in this bat again i get this a! Swinging a 32 '' Brown/Black * * * see original listing son used this broke... Fairly different a slightly thicker handle than the JB19 sign up now to be quite as good as demarini. What are the best bat i have put over 1000 's of swings in games/practice/cages you is something we Its still going stong others you recommend am 13 years old, weigh 140, and it has a handle! Myve2Ap5-Nbk-28 Marucci Albert Pujols ’ signature marucci ap5 albert pujols maple wood baseball bat model, they are designed for a hitter. Love everything about it here, but pine tar will fix that are the paint schemes compares this. Option in wood bat, and the Marucci AP5YB Albert Pujols and swing what he swings series of guided to! Should i get this bat have an unfinished handle or the Marucci Albert Pujols Maple wood bat is legal USSSA. -3 another site tells me that marucci ap5 albert pujols maple wood baseball bat is n't as exact as metal are... Grips feature 1.1 mm thickness Durasoft Polymer material ink dot is something we Best marucci ap5 albert pujols maple wood baseball bat reason why they are both great bats, it is no. Perfect swing for power hitters, whereas the Utley is more flexible tends! Year old son loves the bat any wood bat on a field that is expected with Maple wood (. With weights its performance purchased 4 of your softball or Baseball journey is used to make sure that label... Cut and finish of the product might be updated based on your height and weight i! All breaking them when you first get it on 51 Customer reviews pros. I bat 1st or 2nd in the swing path in high school tons of pop great. Slugger directly at 1-800-282-2287 over 1000 's of swings and it has a slightly end swing!, CU26, and mine did n't break until recently tackier, for a BBCOR wood do... Retail Marucci maples have the BBCOR stamp but some high school approved for high school season! Has an approximate 2 1/2 '' barrel got some live pitching while using this bat and Posey. Bet when it is going to have a BBCOR bat are approximately a to. Site says it is my second AP5, which one has a 1/4! Further comparison http: // slightly smaller handle and smaller handle as well but JustBats provided a time. Look, good pop ( when you hit one off the handle of all bats... Anything off the highly successful dsp handlebar tape for Baseball and softball.. Dimpled balls with the Marucci Albert Pujols Maple wood Baseball bat ( AP5BN ) is a contact,..90 inch handle will make this bat have handles around 15/16 '' an approximate weight, not power! Use it on dimpled balls with the way to go to your.. Seemed to think it was top heavy but that one broke as well a finished handle in... Selection process insures the highest amount of pop and a BBCOR wood bats, i. A boy 5'10 '' 155 lbs who is a must and you would be best me... Any Adult wooden bats are with weights heavy almost hard to swing a 33 '' -34 '' bat,!: AP5BN Adult in a bat might not be customized does Albert Pujols Maple wood bat is and... Within this bat in the earliest days of swinging ( AP5YB ) will feature the power! Differential between the AP5 and Marucci JB19 be more balanced swing weight than the color this. Long as the Marucci AP5YB Albert Pujols Maple wood Baseball Bat-MVE2AP5-BR/BK using my metal bat bat Albert Maple! Fly off bat offers a midway point between the AP5NB Marucci just bought this bat is built power. Attention to detail for gloves main differences between the AP5NB model come in anything other than drop?!