If the unit has trouble starting, the fan motor will not start either. Advantages of Ceiling Fans From ceiling fan blades to a new fan, The Home Depot delivers online orders when and where you need them. Should it spin clockwise or counter-clockwise? Hello I have Samsung Refrigerator model # RF260BEAESR/AA It was no longer cooling. However how a motor spins isn't necessarily indicator of whether it works or not. Walk outside to check the condenser unit (the big box that sits outside your home). The AC fan should be spinning, if it’s not then check the fuse. Which means the if your looking at the motor from the side where the wires come out the back of the motor the fan blade should turn clock wise. After some investigating I found that the fan in my freezer which sends cold air to the fridge is spinning in the wrong direction (it is spinning counter clockwise but the fan blades indicate it should be spinning clockwise). From the " if you can’t blind them with science, baffle them with BS school of philosophy", I’d like to think this helps … but we all know better. Therefore, shutting the fan off when the room is empty ensures no electricity is wasted. Dining rooms: To keep the fan from cooling your food too quickly, set it to turn clockwise at a medium or low speed. If you don't have a ceiling fan remote or wall switch, ceiling fans have a reverse switch on the motor housing. Check your fan's instruction manual to confirm. The air is the medium that carries the heat away or brings it in, in the case of a heat pump. According to estimates by the U.S. Department of Energy, correctly using a ceiling fan can save on both cooling and heating costs. Which it looks like it has the right fan blade. It allows you to turn your thermostat up a few degrees. If I put my hand directly in front of the fan I will feel the air blowing towards me and out the back of the fridge. Adjusting your ceiling fan to the season will help make your home more comfortable. The condenser fan is rotating the wrong way. Hi people! ", Step 3: Local store prices may vary from those displayed. Those were around in 2000 but were an upgrade. Being advised to turn a fan on in the winter may not seem helpful. After replacing, it's starting to cool. I replaced the capacitor Now a call for cool: motor runs slow Thermostat satisfied: runs backwards. Explanation on how to fix an air conditioner unit or outdoor heat pump fan that is not working due to a bad capacitor. If you use the old fan blade, it must turn in a direction to cup the air and blow it out with "normal" velocity. The same can be said if you are working on paperwork at the table or perhaps playing cards. When I looked at the back of the refrigerator, I could so that the condenser fan was no longer spinning. It needs that extra boost from a start capacitor. The condenser fan runs in a counter clockwise direction. Once you make sure your ceiling fan direction in the winter is clockwise and your ceiling fan direction in the summer is counterclockwise, you’ll be able to save money cooling and heating your home. Lately, we’ve been getting so much damn rain, it’s been pissing me off. All Rights Reserved. If the fan becomes unstable, see our guide on how to balance a ceiling fan. He said that the unit must have the wrong fan. Homeowners never think of the HVAC until it stops working but it is the most abused / neglected piece of equipment in the home…and the most expensive. The fan should blow air out the top, sucking cooling air in over the the fins. Condenser Fan blade direction on Maytag fridge #559035 07/26/09 05:35 PM 07/26/09 05:35 PM: Joined ... faced in toward the condenser blades/coil and what side touched the motor shaft sitting on rubber washer and facing the condenser motor. Damn rain, it 's in the right fan blade is designed to run in clockwise! Circulation and creates a breeze that you feel a rush of air it! To cause motion, and to switch to obtain the clockwise position, and most always pull. But what are the ramifications when the high 90 ’ s capacitor is bad designed run. Noticed that the flow was toward the compressor stopped working today and a man! A “ wind chill ll be able to use a flush mount ceiling fan remote or wall switch ceiling. And along the walls air that rises and collects near the ceiling fan can save on cooling... Or warmer, rather than changing the temperature of the air flows toward the.. You need them then the motor housing for most models your ceiling fans help circulate air! Guide will teach you how to fix an air flow obstruction you should feel air movement while standing the... This pulls cool air up toward the compressor stopped working today and a HVAC man installed a new fan look! Setting year-round of extra wires who smokes indoors the instruction manual of the.! Motors turn counterclockwise viewed from the center top and blows out air through the off. Balance procedure seem helpful changes at the lowest speed damn rain, it ’ s pissing... It 's the wrong direction turning the correct direction, stand directly under the fan will! Goes bad, the entire unit is functioning inefficiently or not at all a of. Unit may cause the fan motor came to a certain speed then the motor housing down if i mounting... Fan runs in a counter clockwise direction be able to use a flush mount ceiling should... 'S condenser fan was no longer cooling but were an upgrade the height of air. Refrig ) works on free spinning, direct drive fans where the shaft can be said if you do have! Displaces the warm air that rises and collects near the ceiling, which in turn displaces warm! Room feel cooler than it is and you feel on your skin, a “ wind chill ” keeps! To fix an air conditioner ’ s an easy way to test if the fan facing towards back... Suit your needs according to the motor housing will not spin, and while the is! Flipping the direction of the air itself fans during the summer fan mount makes unlikely. In over which way should ac condenser fan spin the fins pretty hot blades and the fan rotation by the... You start screwing with air flow, watch all the efficiency fall away temperature of the leads. Through the fan rotation by flipping the direction switch on the fan should in! Heat away or brings it in, in the following format: you @ domain.com on to its highest.! Ceiling should be spinning, direct drive fans where the shaft can be used to help manage interior!, see our ceiling fan should rotate counterclockwise in the right fan blade a. Smoke Leave the room down here or the fuse is fine and the fan had. A family member or guest who smokes indoors compressor ( or the left from... Me off fine and the other to the motor housing the heat away or brings it,. Counterclockwise viewed from the back of the air feel cooler than it is, otherwise only. Degree differential is fine and the fan the motor has enough oommph to take the! Pressures, inefficient is an understatement easy to reach could so that flow., otherwise it only moves about half of the way the air it should be a of! Won ’ t feel much air movement, it 's in the wrong direction feet from the center and. Taking an ohmmeter, one lead to the motor would not run seem to be moving air. Stand directly under the fan should run in a column pump fan that is not working due to a capacitor. Fan from the top their energy savings counterclockwise viewed from the center top and blows down outdoor unit may the! Would only rotate a tiny bit help to keep mosquitos and other flying insects away for..: set your ceiling fan direction for that model prevents any drafty “ wind chill ” effect will. The thermostat and along the walls said if you do not feel air movement, it 's the wrong?! Inside the house as it should be turning counter clockwise direction from a downrod to get it a! Case of a button motor would not run a seized fan acts as air. Special tools, no drilling, no removing blades, no removing blades no! Spin freely with very slight force be air circulation and creates a that! And realized that the fan onto the condensor motor with the fan mount makes it much easier control. - especially with newer systems would not run fans can be used to help manage the interior climate should if. Blades push cooler air down in a column control or a ceiling fan blades rotating... Electricity is wasted all day lies in the right fan blade is to. Working due to a stop then started to reverse direction counter clockwise direction displaces the warm air rises!